Nasi na ScrumDays 2017

Kibicujemy Tomasz Stefko i Bartek Janowski na Scrum Days No stress – pamiętajcie, widownia jest naga! 🙂

To już drugi rok z rzędu z dwójką naszych reprezentantów i do tego nie tych samych – jest siła! #nowldz


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My wyróżniamy…

TALK: How to Split User Stories Without Losing Business Value.

Tomasz Stefko, Scrum Master, STX NEXT

Not experienced Scrum teams very often face problem with splitting large User Stories into smaller ones. They want to have smaller User Stories to improve flow in the Sprint, get smoother Burndown chart and decrease possibility of failing the Sprint. Usually first idea is to split them "horizontaly" – by type of work that has to be done. Such mindset causing huge risk of losing business value and creating waterfall way of working. Is there any option to prevent this situation? During short presentation I will show few strategies how to split large User stories into smaller ones with keeping it's business value.

TALK: Technical Excellence – a Sightless Part of Scrum.

Bartosz Janowski, Agie Coach, mBank

Let's have a look at agendas of Agile/Scrum conferences. What's on the top? A product, soft skills, teams, coaching, scaling? All of them are vital. It could be confirmed by any experienced Agilist. What's missing?
In the Agile world, the ugly duckling is a software craftsmanship. In the Scrum Guide, the Agile Manifesto, it's barely mentioned. But this is a crucial ingredient to get an increment every Sprint. On the other hand, I use to hear requests for another sophisticated retrospective technique from a legion of Scrum Masters. However many developers complain that before the Scrum era, a testing phase was well-prepared (if finally executed ;-)).
In my talk, I would like to dig into the issue, why it's happeing, revise priorities, highlight why QA is essential and how we all can deal with it.


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